1. Tumblr

    Welcome to another episode of me explaining more about the social media platforms that are very popular globally!

    For today’s introduction, we’ll be talking about something very familiar!


    The platform you are currently on! Hahaha! I bet all of you out there are tumblr experts! unlike me, who admit is a novice at this!

    But I’ll try my very best!

    Anyways, getting back on track!

    Tumblr is also a micro-blogging social media platform! Just like twitter!

    However, there are many differences.

    For example,

    Tumblr allows more freedom in the characters of words you posts onto your page.

    Tumblr is just like a blog where you have your own dashboard and feeds and also a page where you can custom design it to your liking!

    People can reblog, like or share what you posts onto other platforms.

    Somehow, social media platforms have evolved so much that one can be link to another!

    There are many many other features of maintaining a tumblr blog too! Like music player, chat box and many many more!

    Other than that, Tumblr also allows more freedom on the type of multimedia that you posts. You can posts text, quotes, links, videos, picture and even chat!

    How awesome is that!

    Other than that, you can track your favorite interest by searching the tag and tracking it!

    Tumblr is also user friendly and very interactive.

    Not only is the design nice but it also allows ease of viewing! Now wonder I’m on tumblr even now!

    Now continue to follow my tumblr account! Don’t give up halfway!!

    I like to see more of you readers out there!^^

    Your Dearest Author,