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    Liz Climo on Tumblr.

    this really cheered me up

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    Excuse me while I cry

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    Summer reading is coming! Let us help you find a great book. 

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    I saw a news report about this on T.V., she was a straight A Student who had perfect attendance and everything. Everyone loved and respected her for her skills, but when she started this experiment and people thought she was pregnant, they started treating her like garbage. Even her teachers started looking down on her like she was scum of the earth. The only people who knew she was doing this as an experiment were her school principle, her health care teacher and her father. Her own mother thought she was pregnant.

    I mean even her friends turned on her, it was horrid. Very very sad, and as soon as she revealed during an assembly that the pregnancy was false, a lot of people were in shock as she brought up all the horrible things they said and did to her because they thought she was pregnant.

    The reason for the experiment was to see how people would react and treat her if they thought she was pregnant, as apposed as to treating her as the straight A “Perfect” student they usually did. And it proved that people were horrible scumbags too her as soon as they thought she was.

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  7. Reblog if you are someone who understands the need to sniff old books






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    Some of the work that I really loved is with Terry Notary, who designs movement for different races. And the ways the elves move, is completely different from the way the dwarves move, obviously. It was really fun to get into that character, and really move in a way that is not human.

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